Nutrition is at the foundation of good health, happiness and longevity for your puppy. We have done a lot of research and have chosen to feed our dogs a raw complete and balanced diet. We believe that a natural species appropriate diet is the healthiest option for our pets. Through better nutrition we can improve so many aspects of their lives which is why we feed all of our dogs a raw diet and why we start all of our puppies on raw food. As we understand that fresh food comes at a higher price, we are happy to provide a custom meal plan by a certified professional canine nutritionist. It will provide 3 D.I.Y. balanced recipes that you can feed from the moment you bring them home and for the rest of their lives. Making it at home not only saves money but you know exactly what is going into your pets bowl.

We provide 3 D.I.Y balanced recipes from a professional canine nutritionist!

Top benefits of a complete and balanced raw food diet:

  • Healthier skin and coat

  • Improved digestion and gut health

  • Improved dental hygiene

  • Smaller waste

A raw pet food diet consists of raw muscle meat, organs, bone, fresh fruit, eggs, and supplements. A fresh food diet allows your fur baby to be in optimal health and thrive on fresh whole foods appropriate for him or her. There are no fillers.  Its not pasteurized or heated to extreme temperatures nor is it full of by-products like so many commercial diets like kibble.

Healthier Skin and Coat

Better and proper nutrition is directly seen by your dogs skin and coat. Many dog owners report that their dogs allergies subsided when put on a raw food diet from the absence of filler carbs and by-products. The University of Helsinki DogRisk research program showed that diet and the environment directly impacted atopic dermatitis in adult dogs. They found that a raw diet significantly decreased the chances of allergies as an adult.

A case study in Sweden amongst boxers, bull terriers and West Highland terriers discovered that when fed a fresh raw food diet during lactation, the puppies were protected against canine atopic dermatitis (CAD), also known as skin allergies. And the odds of developing CAD “were twice as high” when the mother was fed a commercial diet.

“feeding a diet including noncommercial products to the bitch during lactation had a protective effect on the development of CAD in her offspring; the odds of developing CAD were twice as high among offspring from bitches that were NOT exposed to home-made/noncommercial diets”

Improved Digestion and Gut Health

True, kibble is convenient and easy to offer your puppy. But as carnivores, dogs have a shorter digestion system and are designed to flourish on raw meat and bones. The BMC Veterinary Research performed a study on 8 boxers. 4 were fed kibble and 4 were fed a raw diet. After just 2 weeks they noticed that a dogs diet has a direct effect on its faecal microbial composition. Meaning the dogs fed raw food had better digestive and gut health.

Dental Hygiene

Since a raw diet is absent from filler carbs, there are no starchy carbs in their diet. Starchy carbohydrates only encourage the growth of plaque and tartar. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs show stages of gum disease by age 2. Feeding raw whole edible bones along with chunks of meat acts as a natural toothbrush to help scrape plaque and tartar off.

Smaller Waste

With a raw food diet, there are little to no fillers in your dogs diet and less waste will be excreted, significantly. The nutrients from a raw food diet are more bioavailable. Your dogs poo will be smaller, harder and less smelly. And thats a good thing!

For more info check out the video Pet Fooled on Amazon Prime.
Another great resource is the Raw Feeding University Facebook group. It is an online community for users to share experiences and ask questions about raw feeding.
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