Picking Up Your New Puppy

Moyen Poodle Puppy-Pounds Puppies
When you pickup your new puppy at around 9 weeks old, we highly encourage you to to bring either a crate and a towel or a laundry basket and a towel. It is also a good idea to bring paper towels for any messes (i,e. car sick or an accident) and a cleaner to sanitize/deodorize, because no one wants to ride in a car smelling like vomit. If you need to stop on your way home for a potty break, it would be best to find an area off the beaten path where hopefully other dogs have not been to recently. Your puppy won’t be fully vaccinated yet and you don’t want him picking up any illnesses  from other dogs. It would be a good idea to go straight home and keep things calm, your new puppy will be experiencing a whole new world and will need time to adjust.

What Comes With Your Puppy?

Besides taking home a well socialized, healthy, wonderful Poodle puppy you will also be given some of the basics to help get you started. All litters are raised with a snuggle puppy from birth so they are accustomed to hearing, seeing and feeling it which makes it feel like part of their litter. We have had great success in sending each of our puppies to their new home with their very own snuggle puppy which makes the transition easier since it feels like they are taking a piece of their litter with them. In addition to a snuggle puppy, we also provide a blanket with smells of their litter mates, two toys, several days worth of food, a bag of your puppies favorite treats, a chew toy or treat and most importantly a folder with all paperwork including AKC registration papers, our health guarantee contract, a puppy health certificate with shot and deworming history along with a negative fecal test from our vet, and microchip information. We also provide 30 days of free health insurance and highly recommend signing up for those 30 days, but encourage puppy parents to consider keeping it till they are a little older (at least 6 months) and have a more developed immune system and less accident prone. We give puppies all the correct health treatments appropriate for their age to ensure they go to your home healthy and ready to thrive. Please note however, that all puppies can get parasites (including the most spoiled ones) and ours are no different. They are common and live in the environment all around us. We do all we can to prevent and treat parasites and disease by giving the best quality and most effective vaccinations and dewormers. Your puppy will go home parasite free with a negative fecal test from our vet, however, once the puppy leaves us, it becomes your responsibility to setup a regular schedule for continued testing, treatment and care. You will receive a complete record with dates and vaccinations given so your vet will have no question as to what has been given and what is needed. All puppies receive a nose to tail exam prior to leaving us so you can be confident that you are receiving a sound and robust pup.

Gentle Training

At Pounds Puppies Poodles we take great pride in the amount of love, stimulation, socialization and gentle training that we give each pup. We have a large family and with the puppies being raised in our home they are held, given plenty of hugs and kisses and are very well taken care of. Also, By following Puppy Culture protocols and integrating the Good Dog puppy raising program, we feel that we give each puppy the best head start in life. Puppies naturally start learning from birth so we take advantage of this time and give them positive coaching from birth till the day they leave us. The impressions created in the first few months affect the way the brain develops and positive training at this point can have positive affects for life. We find that starting this training gets them going in the right direction and equips them to live their best life. Some of the exposure your puppy will receive is ENS (early neurological stimulation), ESI (early scent introduction), age appropriate daily handling which includes nail trimming, baths, grooming, teeth brushing, etc. They get exposed to new items and toys daily, we do sound desensitization, introduce clicker training, crate training and loose leash walking. Our puppies go home with a good understanding of appropriate potty areas and have learned to use the doggy door. We go on multiple car rides, socialization trips and more!

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